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Amino acids for training

In this article, we will talk about amino acids and their important role for the human body, in particular, for people who play sports. What are the BCAA amino acids and why you need to use them, what products contain BCA, in what amount, how to properly take dietary supplements that contain BCAAs – this and other things we will discuss in detail in the prepared material. And also why the complex "Ergamine" is much better than food additives produced by other companies.
What are amino acids for training?
For everyone who is engaged in sports, it is very important to maintain not only the external physical form, but also to take care of the body from the inside. In most cases, people consume protein, which replenishes the necessary level of protein that is required to maintain shape and health. Therefore, almost all athletes and people who take care of themselves and train in gyms are interested in sports nutrition products.

At the same time, most believe that dietary Supplements are a magic pill that can instantly solve the problem: become like an Olympic God, achieve the desired shape and results in a short period of time, lose weight. Unfortunately, this approach is not always correct, because people often abuse dietary supplements.

Among food additives, BCAA amino acids stand out against the General background – a combination of three essential amino acids for the human body. They consist of:

aliphatic amino acid, which is the largest
aliphatic amino acid related to proteinogenic substances
an aliphatic amino acid consisting of compounds that include muscle fibers
The abbreviation BCAA refers to amino acids that have branched side chains, i.e. they are essential amino acids that are not synthesized in the body and are ingested only with food rich in proteins.
Athletes consume protein, which replenishes the necessary level of protein that is required to maintain shape and health..
BCAA - essential amino acids for the body
What does the use of amino acids give?
Dietary supplements for athletes containing BCAA are required to optimize the development of metabolism at the time of training in the gym and for the dynamics of processes required for the renewal and growth of muscle tissue. BCAA amino acids have useful properties that are important for dieting or interval fasting. This is due to the fact that they act as a locking sensation of hunger. In other words, they are not a so-called calorie supplier.

The importance of the elements included in this group, listed above, can not be overestimated: they play an important role in the proper maintenance of metabolism. So, leucine is necessary to increase the production of growth hormone, normalize blood glucose levels and start the processes of renewal of muscle tissue. Isoleucine helps to increase the body's resistance and is useful in recovery processes. Valine also prevents the destruction of protein in the body, reduces the recovery time of microtraumas in muscle fibers, and strengthens the nitrogen balance.

In addition, BCAA sports amino acids have other benefits:
reduce the feeling of fatigue during long-term sports;
slow down the processes of catabolism in muscle tissue;
normalize the hormonal background (to a greater extent, this applies to insulin and cortisol);
reduce the feeling of hunger
However, the main advantage of dietary supplements for athletes containing BCAA amino acids is their high rate of absorption, i.e. their action begins almost immediately after application.
Difference BCAA from other amino acids
As noted above, these amino acids are not synthesized independently in the body, so they are obtained only with the use of a special dietary Supplement or products with a high protein content. In comparison with other elements, BCA is metabolized in the muscle tissue, while the rest – in the liver. They are also the most quickly digested. In this regard, they increase the overall background of human health and sports coefficients.

These elements are the minimum units of the structure. They serve as a catalyst for the formation of protein molecules. They are responsible for almost 100% of the absorption of substances in the body, during the first hours after eating. After they are transported to the blood, they interact with muscle cells. Due to this, sports performance increases and rapid rehabilitation after physical exertion occurs.

Using dietary supplements with BCAAs, you can activate the creation of new muscle tissue and delay the process of decomposition of existing ones, regulate the process of fat metabolism, improve metabolism and accelerate the burning of subcutaneous fat deposits.
The quantitative ratio in the products
When it comes to this group of amino acids, it is worth noting that these are the components of protein food. Among them – whey complexes, buckwheat, eggs, meat. However, you can get BCA by eating animal and vegetable products.

Interestingly, BCA is well distributed in products, i.e. the same 15-20 grams of animal protein will easily fill the daily norm in these essential amino acids. Thus, athletes can safely replenish BCAA by consuming the necessary amount of certain products.

We suggest to consider what amount of essential acids is contained in the presented food products per 100 grams:
Raw beef meat.
The total number of proteins is 25-30 g, including isoleucine-1.2-1.5 g, leucine-2.1-2.3 g, valine-1.3-1.5 g.
Raw chicken meat, breast
The total number of proteins is 23-25 g, including isoleucine-1,2-1,4 g, leucine-1,7-1,9 g, valine-1,1-1,3 g.
Dry buckwheat
The total number of proteins-13-15 g, of which isoleucine-0.5-0.6 g, leucine-0.8-0.9 g, valine-0.7-0.8 g.
Whey protein
The total number of proteins is 65-70 g, of which isoleucine is 4.3-4.5 g, leucine is 8-8. 5 g, and valine is 4.6-5 g.
As you can see, the amount of essential amino acids BCA per 100 grams of the product is quite high, so they are quite enough for all the recovery processes and strengthening of the body.

But it is not always possible to make up the necessary amount of protein with a traditional meal. The amino acid complex "Ergamine" can come to the rescue.in the production of sports Supplements, a technology is used that allows athletes to get only a limited composition of amino acids, while the dietary Supplements themselves are positioned as effective, unique products with the right composition.
"Ergamine" complex is obtained by high-temperature acid hydrolysis (purification) – a complex process that foreign manufacturers do not want to follow because of its complexity and duration: they resort to enzymatic hydrolysis, I.e. the products produced do not even meet the stated 75% purification level. In fact, sports nutrition complexes contain no more than 20-25% of free amino acids, while the rest are linked by peptide bonds, which repeatedly hinders the process of their assimilation.

Ergamine, a complex of 18 amino acids
Therefore, the best way out of this situation is to take the amino acid complex "Ergamine", which passes several degrees of purification. Or include the necessary amount of meat and plant foods in the diet, which contain the maximum amount of protein.
Benefits and harms of BCAA
When talking about BCAA amino acids, it is not quite correct to mention only the benefits of the product. However, it must be said that the benefits for the athlete will be very significant if there is not enough protein in the body. There is such a disadvantage due to a low level of nutrition and sports training.
At the same time, the need for all amino acids can be covered by whey protein, which contains 16.9-18 grams of BCAA in 100 grams. If it is impossible to take protein, the use of BCA amino acids is necessary.
With a proper approach to diet and protein intake, BCAA can sometimes act as a substitute for food, i.e. they can relieve the feeling of hunger and will not "burn" the muscles at the time of sports.
What is the benefit of BCAA:
fast transport of amino acids to the muscles
during and after training in the gym, the "burning" of muscle tissue stops
serves as an energy supplier for long-term sports activities
improves fat burning and blunts hunger
accelerates protein synthesis in the human body
However, against the background of such obvious advantages of BCAA, amino acids can cause serious harm to health. This can only happen if the quality of food is low and the use of dietary supplements with BCAA is excessive. The first case can also be attributed to unwanted, poor quality of impurities. But this is only possible if you purchase sports nutrition from an unknown manufacturer and at a significantly lower price. In a situation with excessive consumption, there may be a violation of the absorption of amino acids. The risk can be avoided if you adhere to the recommended dosage of use.
Application of BCAA amino acids for weight loss
One of the advantages of amino acids is that they burn fat and dull hunger, I.e. they "trick" the body into thinking that it is full of food with a high caloric content. This deceptive process triggers metabolism and calorie consumption, with fat stores coming into play when there is no real food in the stomach. This is the basis for the principle of BCAA effect on the release of fat reserves.

At the same time, it is not quite correct to believe that such elements are an effective way to fight excess weight: they work only in conjunction with active fat – burning physical activity and diet, proper nutrition. The only advantage of BCAA in the process of weight loss – taking capsules on an empty stomach, you can really blunt the hunger, which undoubtedly pleases many girls. At the same time, taking some dietary supplements can negatively affect your health. Therefore, it is better to take them in a complex way.

The amino acid complex "Ergamine" helps to set and restore muscle tissue, and also serves as a hunger blocker. Advantages of the drug:
Ergamine was developed by Erik Ter-Sarkisyan, an outstanding biotechnologist, candidate of chemical Sciences
"Ergamine" is characterized by an affordable price, and to order it, just go to the site ergamin.ru
Confirmed use
The drug has passed a whole set of tests, the results of which indicate that it is effective for gaining muscle mass and restoring muscle
"Ergamine" is produced on the most modern equipment and is a certified tool, which has no analogues yet
ERGAMINE complex of 18 amino acids in free form SV. 90%, 120 capsules of 450 mg
How Ergamine affects a person:
  • Adds energy, improves mood
  • Increases the immune system, so it is good for children in the autumn-winter period
  • Promotes protein formation
  • Helps increase muscle tissue
  • Improves metabolism
  • Allows you to control the weight
  • Important for teenagers-supports rapid growth
  • Promotes the elimination of fat, since enzymes break down fat.
  • Helps you lose weight and gain weight if you are severely malnourished
Recommendations for use when recovering from power loads: up to 5 capsules before loading and up to 10 capsules after loading
More information about Ergamine in our online store
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