Collagen for pregnant women: will it help to remove stretch marks

Pregnancy is one of the happiest periods of every woman's life. Just thinking that a new life is developing inside you creates emotions that are difficult to experience in other situations. But it is important to understand that carrying a child sometimes leads to problems, for example, the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Most new moms have to deal with them.
What are stretch marks?
Stretch marks or striae – white, bluish or reddish stripes on the skin that begin to appear about 5-6 months of pregnancy. They are localized mainly where the skin is stretched more: the chest, abdomen, buttocks, thighs. And the faster a woman gains weight while carrying a child,the higher the probability of streaks. In General, stretch marks can appear in other situations, if the volume of a particular part of the body increases significantly, for example:
sharp weight gain;
uncontrolled bodybuilding classes;
sharp growth spurts;
abuse of corticosteroid medications;
And yet, pregnant and postpartum women have to think about getting rid of stretch marks most often.

Note that not everyone has striae when carrying a child. If the body produces a sufficient amount of collagen-a protein responsible for elasticity and firmness of the skin, there is the right amount of elastin, most likely, you will not have to face stretch marks or they will be minimal. If there is a lack of collagen, the situation will be as follows: with increasing body volume, the middle layer of the skin (the dermis) begins to simply break. After the tears are tightened by connective tissue, resulting in atrophic scars. They are commonly called stretch marks. Completely get rid of striae will not work, as from any scar. But if you provide the skin with proper care, they can be made almost invisible.
Why is collagen important for skin
Before you figure out how to get rid of stretch marks, consider the effect of collagen on the skin. This will help you understand how important the fibrillar protein is and what to do to prevent or eliminate striae.

Collagen fibers are filamentous proteins that are part of the body's tissues, in particular, the connective tissue. The name collagen comes from the Greek "Kolla" — "glue". Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that protein molecules are needed to bind tissue cells, so that the latter are strong, elastic, elastic, and quickly recover from damage. And if there is not enough collagen in the body, then the skin becomes flabby, thin, dry, easily stretched, more difficult to recover after this.

Now it is easy to understand why the protein in question is so important for the body, why its lack leads to the appearance of striae. And pregnant women with this problem have to face an order of magnitude more often just because the body spends most of the nutrients on the development of the fetus, providing it with everything necessary for active and full growth. Expectant mothers have an increased need for vitamins, minerals, and proteins, but they can not always take measures to meet it. This is the reason that they have to ask a natural question: whether it is possible to get rid of stretch marks and how to do it.
If there is not enough collagen in the body, then the skin becomes flabby, thin, dry, easily stretched, and difficult to recover after pregnancy.
How to prevent stretch marks
Expectant mothers do not know whether their body has enough nutrients, identify the lack when there is a problem. To avoid this development, you need to take care of yourself in advance. Better – at the stage of pregnancy planning. If this did not work, take measures to prevent striae on the skin should be immediately as soon as the belly began to increase – about 4 months.
The best way is to adjust your diet. In order for the body to actively produce collagen, it needs:
vitamin А
it is found in orange fruits and vegetables, blueberries, broccoli;
vitamin D
red caviar, beef liver, eggs;
vitamin C
bell pepper, citrus, sea buckthorn;
vitamin E
milk, vegetable oils, egg yolk;
milk, soy, meat, cottage cheese
tomatoes, meat, apples, pork and chicken liver, lentils;
liver, cocoa powder, legumes, avocado, beets, seafood;
amino acids
they are found in oily sea fish.
Foods rich in these substances should be included in the diet of everyone who is interested in how to prevent the appearance of striae or how to remove stretch marks, if they appear. The problem is that not every woman is able to afford a full meal, in particular, because of the high cost of some products, an allergic reaction to citrus, soy, and seafood. Some people have lactose intolerance, which means that milk has to be excluded from the diet.
Nutrition is the first measure. In any case, it will be very difficult to meet the double demand of the body for vitamins, minerals and proteins. Therefore, you need to take care of the skin itself, so that you do not have to think about how to remove stretch marks on the stomach, buttocks, thighs. There are different ways to do this:

  • buy pharmacy products to prevent stretch marks. The package must be marked "for pregnant women". This means that the selected product will not harm the unborn child. The composition must contain: collagen, elastin, vitamins, retinoids;
  • make skin care products at home. A good effect is given by the use of oils, such as jojoba, avocado, wheat germ, Flaxseed, olive, coconut, almond, peach. They contain many useful substances for the skin. These oils can be used independently or mixed with a nourishing, moisturizing baby cream;
  • do a special massage from the striae.
So the probability of skin problems will be minimized, so that you do not have to think about how to get rid of stretch marks on the body.
How to get rid of stretch marks, if they appeared
You need to start fighting striae as early as possible. Then the probability of achieving a positive result will be as high as possible. The advice remains the same:
proper nutrition – inclusion in the diet of products containing the above vitamins and other useful substances;
skin care using factory-made or home-made products.
If you can not provide yourself with a proper diet, spend time on complex cosmetic procedures, but the question of how to deal with stretch marks remains relevant, you should pay attention to ready-made amino acid complexes that can provide the body with the right amount of collagen. They are designed for ingestion, suitable for external use. The convenience of using such products is that it is possible to calculate the dosage according to the individual needs of the body.

Many pregnant women and women who have already given birth who are thinking about how to get rid of stretch marks at home, are interested in the safety of using factory supplements containing collagen. Indeed, most manufacturers on product packaging indicate that pregnant and breast-feeding women need to be extremely careful with such complexes, be sure to consult a doctor before starting use. But in fact, if there are no contraindications, then the supplements in question can and even useful to take, thinking how to remove red stretch marks, for several reasons:
in supplements, the components are present in an easily digestible form, so the amount of collagen in the body increases quite quickly;
thanks to the use of factory complexes, a woman provides the necessary amount of collagen not only for herself, but also for the developing fetus;
remove stretch marks on the stomach is possible faster than when changing the diet, performing massages, using special oils and creams;
complexes created to increase the content of collagen in the body, developed on natural ingredients, do not contain harmful additives;
using the products in question, you will be able to get additional results: strengthen joints and bones, improve nails and hair, and reduce the risk of dental problems.
Supplements with collagen amino acids are a good solution for women who are interested in how to get rid of stretch marks on the stomach and other parts of the body or prevent their appearance. The main thing is to consult a doctor before using.
Kollagenit returns the health of the skin, removes dermatitis, acne, inflammation and roughness of the skin
Supplements with collagen amino acids from

There are many stores that offer special supplements with collagen. And it is important to choose a seller who guarantees the quality and safety of the product. Deciding to buy amino acid complexes in an online store, you can easily dismiss all concerns for the following reasons:

  • the products are developed on the basis of long-term research;
  • the presented complexes have documents confirming their high quality and complete safety: certificates of state registration, expert opinion of the research Institute of nutrition, test reports;
  • additives are presented in a convenient form, so they are easy to apply.
We are talking about ways to prevent striae and how to remove stretch marks on the skin using collagen. Therefore, special attention should be paid to The collagenit Supplement. It contains 15 amino acids of pure collagen in free form, so it is quickly absorbed and gives noticeable results.

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As Kollagenit affects a person:

- Prevention of strokes and heart attacks strengthening blood vessels: Blood vessels are 35% made up of collagen, to which they owe their strength and elasticity. With a lack of collagen, there is a weakening and fragility of blood vessels, especially in the heart, leading to possible heart attacks and strokes
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