Erik Mushekovich Ter-Sarkisyan
Biotechnologist, Ph.D.
I've been engaged in scientific research aimed at improving people's health for 50 years.
50 years
Experience in the scientific field, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, biotechnologist
55 patents
Belongs to Erik Mushekovich from 1974 to 2018
Scientific publications for all the time of scientific activity
Developed methods for producing amino acids
to strengthen health and immunity
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Erik Mushekovich began his scientific career in 1963, at the I.V. Institute of Atomic Energy Kurchatov, an employee of the radiobiological department for the study of radiation sickness.
Considers Vladimir Dibabov as his mentor and teacher, who in 1963 defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of chemical sciences on the topic: "Synthetic modeling of the structure of collagen".

From 1964-1968, V. G. Dibabov headed the group of employees of the Radiobiological Department of the Institute of Atomic Energy named after I.V. Kurchatova, where he took part in the development of technology for fermentation and purification of the feed amino acid L-lysine, the launch of pilot plants in Moscow, in Ungheni (the Moldavian USSR) and the first plant for the production of L-lysine in Cherentsevan ( Armenian SSR). 15 patents were received for this work.

He took part in the construction of 6 lysine plants in Kazakhstan, the Baltic states, Russia and Ukraine. Polymexin, the collagen it amino acid complex (15 amino acids of pure collagen) and the unique method of high-temperature hydrolysis of amino acids in the production of the Ergamin complex improved the production technology of the antibiotic against gangrene.

In 2016, at the invitation of the Ministry of Health of Quasiland, he participated in the World AIDS Conference, representing Ergamine under the name sarus aminoasids. After successful studies by the host, it was decided to create an amino acid plant in the Republic of South Africa.
Erik Ter-Sarkisyan's patents published on Yandex.Patents
Patent - "A method for producing an amino acid mixture from a protein hydrolyzate"
Patent - "The method of ion exchange isolation of Lysine"
Patent - "Method for producing fully hydrolyzed Collagen"
Unfortunately, the Yandex.Patent service does not currently publish all of Erik Mushekovich patents, but only 14 of them that were registered from 1991 to 2018. Patents registered in Soviet times (41 pcs.) Were not digitized or published on the Internet
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90% purification of amino acids, patent for invention, biotechnologist Erik Ter-Sarkisyan
Trainer Yuri Spasokukotsky + biotechnologist Erik Ter-Sarkisyan interview about the benefits of amino acids
Eric Ter-Sargsyan creator of Kollagenite and Ergamin, biotechnologist
Other inventions. 55 patents and 250 scientific articles biotechnologist Erik Ter-Sarkisyan
The life path of Erik Ter-Sarkisyan. Innovator and scientist since 1968 biotechnologist
Experience, scientific works, patents Erik Ter-Sarkisyan, biotechnologist, author of amino acid purification technology
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We answer the questions that we are most often asked
What registration documents are available for each product?
Registration documents: Ergamine (CGR); L-lysine (declaration of Tam. Union); Collagenite (Certificate of Compliance). All drugs are registered in all EU countries (Minister of Health of the Czech Republic)
Where, when, what drug studies were conducted, were active ingredients isolated, was a safe daily dosage determined?
Research was conducted in various medical and sports facilities. Active substances:
Ergamin-18 amino acids with free form up to 92%
Lysine-L - pure L-lysine monohydrochloride;
Collagenitis - 15 amino acids of pure collagen in free form up to 90%.
Are there any developed schemes for receiving products for various pathologies, are there any examples, reports of medical institutions?
A safe dosage has not been determined, since the product obtained from organic raw materials, excess amino acids will leave the body naturally. The usual dosage is 6 capsules per day with meals, consult a doctor before use.
What contraindications exist in addition to the general ones?
We have no data on contraindications.
Who is the real manufacturer of the products? Is the issue official?
Manufacturer of drugs - Apollux LLC
General description of the production technology: feedstock, extraction technology, additives (dyes, baking powder, etc. - that is not indicated on the label), packing method, temperature conditions, etc.
The technology of production is as follows: Ergamine "is a highly purified mixture of 18 free amino acids in a ratio close to egg albumin, adopted by nutritionists as a protein standard. As raw materials used waste meat and poultry industry containing protein keratin. These are horned hoof flour (97% keratin), pork bristles (75% keratin), feather flour (72% keratin). A method for producing the complex includes acid hydrolysis of keratin; sorption on anion exchange resin, clarification of the resulting solution of amino acids; elution of amino acids from cation exchanger; sterilizing ultrafiltration of an amino acid solution and spray or freeze drying of the drug. The resulting product is a white, loose, slightly hygroscopic odorless powder with a weak mushroom taste, well soluble in water. The product is easily encapsulated. L-lysine technology is similar. As raw materials, feed L-lysine is used. Collagenite technology is identical to Ergamine. As a raw material, a split of cattle hides is used. No additives such as magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, etc., are added to the preparations.
What is the duration of the ergamine course? And collagen?
The duration of the course of taking the drug Ergamine is 60 days.

For a full course of Collagenitis, it is recommended to drink it for 60 days, this is 400 ml. In practice, unlike Ergamine, this is far from necessary, but 100 ml minimum. The effect appears in everyone differently, but not earlier than the 6th day of admission.
Although it all depends on the problem.
For instance:
For knee pain, using 7 ml of collagen per day orally and 3 ml externally (rubbing), you will feel an improvement or even completely get rid of the pain already on the 6th day of admission.
In this case, 100 ml will be sufficient.
But in case of osteoarthritis, drinking at least 8 packs is recommended.
Can a woman drink Ergamine after childbirth while feeding her baby? If so, how much per day? And how long?
Yes you can. Drink 60 capsules per day for 60 days.
At what age can children take Ergamine?
From 6 months. The contents of the capsule can be mixed in a soup or juice or in a porridge.
Tell me, the child is 2 years old, is Ergamine possible and in what dose? Sick often.
It is possible, and even necessary! Dosage 2 capsules per day. One morning, one afternoon during or after meals.
3 years - 3 capsules
5 years - 4 capsules
10 years - 5 capsules
12 and more 6 capsules
Up to 3 years, coordinate the quantity individually.
Break into three doses, drink during or after meals.
Is it possible to apply collagenitis on the face as a cosmetic?
Yes, but it is necessary to use a salt-free solution of Collagenitis. It is not recommended to mix the drug with creams. Say goodbye to stretch marks, problems with veins during pregnancy. And wrinkles of course. It is difficult to imagine a more useful product for the skin, knowing that it consists of 70% collagen.
How to take Collagenitis in the postpartum period? With Ergamine together?
To recover from childbirth, take 7-10 ml of Collagenitis and 6 Ergamin capsules per day. In this case, it is good to start drinking 1 week of Ergamin, and then connect Kollagenit.

And if there is at least some digestive disorders, then this is mandatory. Collagenitis is an amino acid. That is what he is good at. But in the body, amino acids will be used primarily for enzymes. If these enzymes are not, then amino acids will go to them, and not to collagen.
Can I take Ergamine for gout?
With gout, you MUST take Ergamin. Gout is a disease that develops against a background of metabolic disorders. Ergamine is the first thing that does, it establishes metabolic processes.
What drugs to take after a stroke?
After a stroke, Ergamin 6-8 capsules per day, after Ergamin 10 ml of Collagenit. And always 6-8 Lysine per day. At least 2 months using this formula.
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