How to increase immunity: the most effective and affordable measures

When the immune system fails, we become vulnerable to dangerous diseases. How to correctly and effectively increase the immune system? A simple and affordable solution is a complex of amino acids that are directly involved in immune protection.

Timely replenishment of amino acids in the body in combination with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the most reliable protection against bioagressors.

Even in the super-civilized twenty-first century, our planet is occasionally shaken by global epidemics. SARS, Avian flu, Swine flu, Polio, Ebola Virus. And here are new disturbing news from China-the deadly coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

There is no vaccine for the new coronavirus in the world yet, but development is underway intensively. We are confident that modern medicine will cope with this task. What about our own defense – the immune system? Unfortunately, we only ask this question in extreme situations.
How our immune defenses work
The human immune system consists of:
adenoids and tonsils
lymph node
thymus – the thymus gland
Peye plates in the intestines
These organs produce/accumulate the main defenders of the body-lymphocytes, macrophages (white blood cells). In turn, lymphocytes produce antibodies-targeted "projectiles" directed against pathogenic bacteria, microbes, viruses that penetrate from the outside.

A healthy immune system produces enough strong lymphocytes for the body to emerge victorious in the fight against an "external aggressor".

The main" fuel " for the production of white blood cells, specific antibodies and other biologically active substances that participate in the immune system are amino acids.

There are amino acids that are directly involved in immune responses – not as part of proteins, but as separate molecules. These are immunoactive amino acids: threonine, valine, tryptophan, aspartic and glutamic acids, serine, alanine, cystine and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).
The main "fuel" for the production of white blood cells, specific antibodies and other components of the immune system are amino acids
How to boost your immune system
Provide the immune system with reliable nutrition
When there is a lack of essential amino acids in the daily diet, with complete or relative protein starvation, the body first of all uses up immune proteins, thus depleting its protective "armor". Therefore, complex replenishment of the body with amino acids is the first and main step on the way to strengthening immune health
On this topic, you will find a lot of extensive recommendations on the web. If you want to be specific in the first person – here you will find answers to all relevant questions and get qualified recommendations from the candidate of chemical Sciences Erik Ter-Sarkisyan, who has devoted his scientific activity to the study of amino acids.. In particular, the use of an effective complex preparation Ergamine, which includes 18 essential amino acids necessary for the immune protection of the body.

In the composition of Alumina the most active "fighters" from biological invaders – bacteria and viruses:
the main "brick" in the construction of lymphocytes and macrophages
activates protection against viruses and proteins that provide this protection
arginine and proline
stimulate the destruction of proteins of pathogenic viruses
methionine, valine, arginine
energy suppliers for cellular immunity
cysteine, methionine
they act as antioxidants, activate and stimulate lymphocytes
responsible for humoral immunity, activates white blood cells
serotonin and tryptophan
they support the intestinal immunity and increase the body's overall resistance
During a serious infection, the natural protein balance is disrupted, since the cost of amino acids for the synthesis of immune cells exceeds their capabilities. There is a state of asthenia, or loss of strength. Timely complex replenishment of amino acids in the body is the key to a quick successful recovery.
To react promptly to failures in the immune system
Быстро реагировать на сбои в работе иммунной системы
  • плохое настроение без очевидных причин;
  • легкая депрессия, раздражительность;
  • быстрое переутомление;
  • сонливость, слабость;
  • повторяющиеся простуды с осложнениями;
  • частые заболевания, воспалительные процессы, аллергии
The decrease in the body's immune protection may be due to the influence of various external and internal factors. The weakening of the immune system can be General and local.

Internal factors for the development of immunodeficiency include severe diseases, such as: blood pathology, liver damage, Oncology, infections, serious injuries, and chronic inflammation. As well as intensive treatment associated with them-chemotherapy, long-term use of antibiotics.

External factors that reduce the immune protection of the body are usually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and unfavorable environment:
stress and emotional strain
lack of sleep and insomnia
addiction to alcohol and smoking
irregular and low-quality nutrition
overeating, excess fat food
strict diets that lead to an imbalance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats
lack or excess of physical activity
increased radiation background in the environment
A special blood test – an immunogram-will help confirm the immunodeficiency condition. The study allows you to determine which of the links of the immune system contains the problem. Based on the results of the analysis, the doctor prescribes the necessary medication.

In addition to the medicinal form of restoring and strengthening the body's defenses, active intake of free essential amino acids, there are other ways available to each of us in everyday life. Among them are folk remedies, hardening, rational nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

Using all these methods in a complex, we can count on full-fledged strong immune health.
Use the right products
With a weakened immune system, nutrition comes to the fore. Nothing supernatural – a diet in accordance with generally accepted norms of healthy nutrition, a complex of useful and nutritious substances, vitamins and minerals.
The daily menu should contain fresh vegetables and fruits-a source of fiber, vitamins and other useful substances. Fermented milk products – natural yoghurts, kefir – are very important for maintaining the normal composition of the microflora. The number of fat and fried dishes should be limited.

Products with a high content of vitamin C contribute to improving immunity. it is Important to observe the water balance – drink at least two liters of liquid a day (better – clean water).

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are especially useful in spring and autumn:

  • tomato – contains a large amount of vitamin C and citric acid, necessary for metabolism and restoring tone;
  • beetroot-increases hemoglobin, improves blood circulation;
  • carrot-a generous source of vitamin A, magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron, potassium-increases tone and improves digestion;
  • Apple-a supplier of iron to the body-promotes blood formation and lowers cholesterol;
  • blackcurrant juice is the leader in the vegetable world in terms of vitamin C content;
  • citrus-supports and strengthens immune protection, has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Juices of various fruits can be mixed, drunk concentrated or diluted with water.

Among the most effective products that strengthen the immune system:

  • honey-contains all the necessary substances to fight viruses and infections (folic acid, flavonoids, vitamins A, B, C, E, K);
  • walnut-has a tonic and invigorating effect (fats, essential oils, vitamins C, B, iron, iodine, magnesium);
  • fermented milk products-contain probiotics that decompose harmful substances and conserve vitamins;
  • chokeberry-increases the body's defense, has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and endocrine systems (vitamins C, P, E, K, B, fluorine, iron, copper, manganese);
  • grapes and raisins-strengthens the immune system for runny nose, cough, bronchitis (iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins C, A, B2, B1, B5, B6, fatty acids);
  • rosehip-fights cold viruses, supports and strengthens the immune system, lowers cholesterol in the blood (potassium, iron, vitamin C, many other vitamins and trace elements).
One of the best products for raising immunity is brewer's yeast. They are taken dissolved in water. An excellent effect is given by freshly ground cinnamon mixed with liquid warmed honey.

Pine nuts, ginger, cranberries, sea buckthorn, viburnum, goat's milk, Apple cider vinegar, and chaga mushroom will help strengthen immune protection. It is recommended to use a mixture of nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Dried fruits containing important elements and substances quickly and fruitfully affect the immune system.

Mixtures can be prepared in combinations:

  • raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, lemon, honey;
  • dried apricots, prunes, raisins, walnuts, lemon, honey;
  • walnuts, cranberries, apples, sugar;
  • carrot, beetroot, pomegranate, lemon.
Use the mixture for preventive purposes is recommended daily-preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.
Use the healing resources of the natural storeroom
Folk recipes for increasing the body's defenses are based on the healing properties of medicinal herbs containing a lot of vitamins, phytoncides, and trace elements.

Echinacea purpurea is the most powerful protector of the immune system from the world of plants. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect. For prevention, a few drops of tincture per day are enough.

Sage - tones and strengthens the body. Tea is made from dried sage leaves. As an essential oil, it is used in aromatherapy.

Lemongrass -relieves fatigue and stress, improves blood circulation. Take it as a hot infusion.

Ginseng -helps prevent infectious diseases, increases the immune system, tones. Very effective during an epidemic.

Aloe juice -provides active resistance to bacteria and viruses, tones, heals wounds. The juice is consumed in its pure form, in the form of nose drops and in the form of tincture. It is very useful to use with honey.

Excellent immunoprotective properties are demonstrated by herbal collection of leaves and berries of black currant, raspberry, strawberry, BlackBerry, cranberry. The high content of vitamins, in particular vitamin C, in these plants causes their unique tonic, preventive, and restorative properties.

Sprouted grains in the daily diet are an excellent effective tool for stimulating protective immune processes, as well as for improving metabolism and reducing the level of harmful substances in the intestine.

You can use wheat, beans, peas, buckwheat. It is easy to germinate them at home and use them after the appearance of small sprouts. You can eat it as a separate dish, as well as add it to salads, vegetables, yogurt, cottage cheese, dried fruits.
General principles of strengthening immunity
Daily schedule
If the symptoms of a weakened immune system make themselves felt, you should carefully analyze your usual routine of life and rebuild it using the principles of healthy lifestyle.
Normal sleep is extremely important. Constant lack of sleep negatively affects the immune system. An important component of prevention, in addition to proper nutrition, is physical activity. Every day you need to devote 20-30 minutes to various physical exercises – at home, in the fresh air, in the gym.
Outdoor activity
Active recreation will help restore the activity of the "tired" immune system. Choose according to your taste and capabilities: swimming, skiing, Jogging, mountain tourism, country walks.
The most accessible way for everyone to strengthen the immune defense. The effectiveness of pouring cold water, air and sun baths, visits to the bath, bathing in the hole is undeniable. It is important not to overdo it and consult a doctor. Hardening, as a prevention, is shown only to healthy people.
Avoid stress
Try to avoid stressful situations. Emotional and nervous overstrain always negatively affects the immune system. In addition, it causes changes in the hormonal background
Vitamins and amino acids
Add a complex of 18 amino acids "Ergamine" to your usual diet and your health will quickly improve
The medics will find a way out of the cruel coronavirus, while we strengthen our own immune armor.
ERGAMINE complex of 18 amino acids in free form
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Advantages of the drug
"Ergamine" was developed by Erik Ter-Sarkisyan, an outstanding biotechnologist, candidate of chemical Sciences
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Confirmed use
The drug has passed a whole set of tests, the results of which indicate that it is effective for strengthening the immune system
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How does Ergamine affect a person::

• Adds energy, improves mood
• Increases the immune system, so it is good for children in the autumn-winter period
• Promotes protein formation
• Prevents protein anemia
• Restores hair and nails
• Improves mental activity
• Important for teenagers-supports rapid growth
• Promotes fat elimination, since enzymes break down fat.
• Helps you lose weight and gain weight if you are severely malnourished
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